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Many people believe that drug abuse is a strictly social phenomenon. Many think that drug addiction and alcoholism evince a serious lack of willpower. In truth, neither of these assumptions are accurate. Addiction is a complex medical problem that affects the brain, body, and emotions. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, the best way out is through confidential drug detox centers in Warwick, RI.

What Are Addiction and Withdrawal?

Addiction is a real medical problem with a likely chance of relapse. Addiction can be defined as the compulsive use of a habit-forming substance. For some people, liquor is their irresistible addiction. For others, prescription or street drugs are the things they cannot quit. Many people are addicted to drinking and drugging, and some people even have the dual diagnosis of addiction plus some sort of mental illness. There is one thing that all of these conditions have in common: they can be successfully treated at qualified medical drug detox centers in Warwick. Drug treatment in Warwick has proven treatments that can help you live a sober life.

Withdrawal is what happens when a drug dependent person stops taking the drug to which they are habituated. Opiate painkillers, cocaine, and methamphetamine are drugs commonly used by people who seek medically supervised drug detox treatment. If you wake up wondering about drugs and can't stop using them no matter how badly they affect your life, you could benefit from medical detox treatment options.

What Is Drug Detox?

Detoxification is a biological process that can be very harsh to deal with, especially for persons who have been using addictive drugs or drinking for a prolonged period of time. Drug detox centers in Warwick can offer medical options that provide comfort to the client through the most challenging parts of the detox process. Medical intervention can help you or your loved one take an all-important step on a lifelong path of recovery and wellness.

The National Institutes of Health explains that the drug detox process may require up to ninety or more days in medical detox treatment rehabs. Clients who take advantage of outpatient recovery therapy and peer support groups after their stay rehabs tend to fare better as far as relapse is concerned. For some people, several stints in a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick may be needed for them to achieve lasting sobriety. No matter how many tries it takes, drug detox treatments save lives and are well worth any amount of time and effort.

It's Dangerous to Detox Alone

Detoxifying the body from drugs or alcohol can be very hard on the central nervous system and heart. When addicts stop taking addictive drugs at medical detox treatment centers, trained medical staff are available at all times. This makes it possible for the patient to focus on recovery and not worry about the possible complications of ‘going cold turkey' or ‘on the wagon' alone.

Fatalities associated with the detox process are not unheard of. Detoxing from alcohol, heroin, opiates, and benzos can cause stroke, cardiac events, and other medical emergencies. Supervised drug detox treatments offer therapeutic comfort and protection in an otherwise unsafe situation.

Is Medically Assisted Drug Detox Treatment Right for You?

If you're here because you or someone you love could benefit from confidential drug detox treatment, yes. Overcoming drug addiction without medical oversight can be downright unsafe. Being addicted is not something to be ashamed of. The only shame is if you don't get help right now.

If you want to return to the way your life was before you became addicted, please talk to someone at one of the many medical detox treatment rehabs in Rhode Island. Ask how doctors can prescribe medications to make your detox more comfortable. Medically assisted drug detox in Warwick, RI can help you today. Call Warwick Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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